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General Jet links: back to top
  1. yb The official site for the 5th Jet World Masters competition
  2. yb 5 Bears Engineering
  3. yb A Quick Lesson on Jet Propulsion
  4. yb Aeroloft Design
  5. yb AIMJET
  6. yb Air Magic Manufacturing
  7. yb Andreas Scholl
  8. yb Andy's Leisure Site
  9. yb Artes Jet USA
  10. yb The Austrian site of jets
  12. yb Avonds
  13. yb Avonds (Philip Avonds Scale Jets)
  14. yb Beginner's Guide to Propulsion
  15. yb Bee Jet
  16. yb BOB FIORENZE's Home Page
  18. yb Boca Bearings
  19. yb Bram's turbinesite
  20. yb A.Braeckman Modellbau
  21. yb Bruces Home Page
  22. yb BVM
  23. yb C&C MODELS
  24. yb California R.C. Jet Association
  25. yb Century Jet Models
  26. yb Composite Aero Models
  27. yb Composite Centrifugal Compressor
  28. yb Cvetko's turbine's
  29. yb Deland Radio Control Club
  30. yb Design of Five-Jet
  31. yb Digital Aviation
  32. yb Digitech Turbines - Jet Specialists
  33. yb DL Aeromodels inc.
  34. yb The Eagle's Nest
  35. yb Electric Jet Factory
  36. yb ElectroDynamics - Turbines!
  37. yb The F18 Project
  38. yb FiberClassics
  39. yb Franks vliegpagina
  40. yb Gas Turb
  41. yb Gas Turbine Builders Association
  42. yb Gas Turbine Project Pages
  43. yb Glennis Aircraft
  44. yb Götz GFK- Modelle
  45. yb Golden West Models
  46. yb Great Northern Models
  47. yb HARRIER
  48. yb HELICOPTER Model Jet Helicopter
  49. yb HeliJet R/C Int.
  50. yb Hobby Spot
  51. yb Holston's Jet Hanger
  52. yb Home Built Model Jet Engines
  53. yb HRCJPA
  54. yb Ian Bennett's Gas Turbine Collecting and Operating Home Page
  55. yb Ice Mouldings
  56. yb International Jet Modell Commitee
  57. yb JD Enterprises
  58. yb JÚPÚ Fiberatelier
  59. yb Jet-A-Models
  60. yb Jet-Mart USA
  61. yb Jet-Team Langenau
  62. ybHome of Jet-Tech
  63. yb jet central
  64. yb Jet Connection
  65. yb Jet Engine Simulation
  66. yb Jet Hangar Hobbies, Inc USA
  67. yb Jet Model Products
  68. yb Jet Modellers Association
  69. yb Jet Stuff (U.K.)
  70. yb Jet Style UK
  71. yb Jet Tech International????
  72. yb JetCat Spain
  73. yb JetCat UK
  74. yb JetCat USA
  76. yb Jets over Mid-America
  77. yb Jets, Turbines and Rockets Mailing List Resource
  78. yb Jets-Unlimited
  79. yb JetSwedens's hemsida
  80. yb Jetteam Netherlands
  81. yb JETWELT.DE
  82. yb Jim Fox Models, UK
  83. yb JPO
  84. yb Lance's Jet Page
  85. yb Larrys home made Gas Turbine Jet Engine
  86. yb Liebetrau Jet Team
  87. yb MACH 1 Composites
  88. yb M.A.S. Model Aircraft Services
  90. yb Messerschmitt Me 163B Komet
  92. yb Mick Reeves Models
  93. yb Micro Turbines and Various Projects
  94. yb Mike's Models
  95. yb Modellantriebe im Eigenbau
  96. yb My Jet Engine Projects (including The X-Jet Engine)
  97. yb Nauwa Models Sweden
  98. yb Overfly Models
  99. yb paul's microjets.co.uk
  100. yb Paul's Model Airplane Page
  101. yb PCM Models
  102. yb planes plus
  103. yb ProMark Graphics, USA
  105. yb Radial Turbojet Engine Project
  106. yb Radio Control Jet International
  107. yb RBCkits
  108. yb Rene zelfbouw micro turbine site
  109. yb Robart Jet Gear, USA
  110. yb ROM-AIR, USA
  111. yb The Rocky Mountain (Model) Jet Squadron
  112. yb Schreiner GFK Modell
  113. yb SchŘbeler Jets
  114. yb SimJet Denmark
  115. yb Sir Bazz's Page
  116. yb Skymaster RC Jet Models
  117. yb Small Gas Turbines Home Page
  118. yb Spring Air Products Intl. Inc.
  119. yb Technologie-Entwicklung Baumgart
  120. yb Thai Turbines
  121. yb Top Gun Aircraft
  122. yb TRY A TURBINE
  123. yb Turbomachinery Album
  124. yb Turbinen Power
  125. yb USRCJC Home Page
  126. yb URS MAYL─NDER
  127. yb van de Goor Modelbouw B.V.
  128. yb welkom op jets website
  129. yb West Australian Jet Model Society
  130. yb Yellow Aircraft, USA
Turbine, -parts, -electronics manufacturers: back to top
  1. yb turbine database
  2. yb A.B. Turbine Supplies U.K.
  3. yb Alfred Frank Modellturbinen
  4. yb A.M.B Microturbines U.K.
  5. yb AMT Netherlands
  6. yb Artes Jet Microturbines, KJ-66 Official Web
  8. yb Bay Turbines
  9. yb BEHOTEC GmbH Homepage
  10. yb BMT (Baird Micro Turbines) Model Gas Turbine Jet Engine
  11. yb ETH ENTERPRISES Pty. Ltd.
  12. yb FTE
  13. yb Funsonic
  14. yb GB Hobby Electronics
  15. yb [ITRI TODAY]-CAST's First Jet Engine P-15 Microjet
  16. yb JALB Specials
  17. yb James Engineering (Turbines) Ltd home page
  18. yb Jet CAT
  19. yb lambert-microturbines
  20. yb MECOA
  21. yb MicroJet Engineering
  22. yb Nye Thermodynamics, Gas-Turbines
  23. yb Orbit Electronic
  24. yb PSTJETS
  25. yb RAM R.A. Microjets, Inc.
  26. yb SANYE
  27. yb Schreiner + Savex
  28. yb SimJet turbines
  29. yb Sophia Europe Page
  30. yb Sophia Precision Home Page
  31. yb S.P.S. Turbines
  32. yb SWB Turbines
  33. yb Tam Jets
  34. yb Trefz GmbH
  35. yb TurboJet Technologies
  36. yb Thunder Tiger Model CO. Home Page
  37. yb TJ-Tech Ltd.
  38. yb Wren Turbines

Pulse and (sc)ram links: back to top
  1. yb Amazing (pulse)jet engines that you can build in your own home shop!
  2. yb Beck-Technologies Online
  3. yb Flying sport home page
  4. yb Fredrik Westberg
  5. yb Kenneth M°ller
  6. yb Pulse-Jet Engines
  7. yb Pulsejet Jet Engines
  8. yb Pulsejet Operation and Experimentation
  9. yb Pulsejet team Helmond
  10. yb Robert Jamnik Pulse jets page
  11. yb Science Museum London - History of Flight
  12. yb Small jet engines ( pulse..ram)
  13. yb The Pulsejet Homepage
For books see the Jet section at the AIRTOI Books-page.

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